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Celestine Flute Rexonator “Balance” LIMITED EDITION

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On Sale: $170.00 Limited Quantity Regular Price: $185.00

Product Description

  • Celestine Rexonator
  • 3 New Celestine Ring   
  • 1 Mini Allen Key
  • 6 Silicon O-Ring
    • 2 Black for more darker colors
    • 2 White for darker colors
    • 2 Brown for more brighter colors
    • 2 Red for brighter colors


  • NOW 3 Rings with Improved New Brass Alloy
  • Replacement of the traditional cork placed in the original screw assembly without altering the original design of the instrument
  • Universal Fits
  • More vibration
  • More projection
  • More resonance
  • Lively and quick responses
  • Choose from two basic tonal colors, dark & bright
  • Stabilizes your articulation. It is very hard to crack a note
  • No more annually cork replacement
  • The performance and response will remain stable forever
  • The counterweight improves stability on the flute.
  • The weight is adjustable by 3 rings for find your perfect setup
  • The balance is adjustable by 3 rings for find your perfect setup
  • It fits inside your flute. Only you know it is there
  • Once the resonator is in place, you never need to touch it again

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