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  • Why I have to remove the cork?

    A Brief History of Cork Flute Stoppers

    Cork stoppers have been a part of flute manufacture since transverse flutes first came into common use at the beginning of the Renaissance, more than 700 years ago. It was discovered that cork was an effective stopper to seal the end and prevent leaks above the blow hole. Cork has continued to be used as a headjoint stopper to this day.

    Did you know that cork is used as insulation and for acoustic dampening in building materials such as insulation, flooring and wall tiles? It has been shown to limit acoustic vibration as much as 85%, especially within the natural acoustic range of the flute (of approximately 245 Hz to 2700 Hz). This same cork is what is used for stoppers of all kinds, from wine bottles to your flute. A standard flute cork is about 30 mm long. You can see in this table below published by Amorim, a major cork grower and manufacturer, that cork dampens the sound the most right in the middle range of the flute. The number 1 on the Y axis represents 100% acoustic attenuation.

    Cork stoppers are so 14th century. Why would you want to limit the vibration of your 21st century flute when there is newer technology that allows your flute to resonate freely?

  • What is the Celestine Flute Rexonator?

    New technology for the 21st century

    Unlike cork, this dampens the vibration of your headjoint, the Celestine Flute Rexonator works as a linked resonator. Not only is there minimal contact with the wall of the headjoint by the silicon O-ring (while providing a complete, air-tight seal), the Celestine Resonator actually works with the vibration of the headjoint to enhance resonance and projection.

    The Celestine Flute Rexonator:

    • Allows the full vibration of the sound waves to move uniformly through the flute.
    • Provides more acoustic space between the O-ring and crown than a traditional cork stopper, which allows more of the flute headjoint and body to resonate freely, unimpeded by a cork stopper.
    • Can be customized by adding one or two Celestine Rings, which allows the Celestine Flute Rexonator to provide the maximum resonant effect.
    • Is made of a thoroughly tested, resonant brass alloy. This alloy actually vibrates sympathetically with the headjoint and body of the flute providing maximum resonance.
    • Improves the balance of the flute, also customizable with one or two Celestine Rings.

                                                                                                            In this ultrasound study of the Celestine Flute Rexonator done at an independent testing facility, the increase in the vibration of the flute body can be clearly seen in the red fields surrounding the flute. This is because the Celestine Flute Rexonator works as a linked resonator. This means that not only is the flute body free to vibrate completely, but the Celestine Flute Rexonator vibrates sympathetically with the vibration of the flute body, thereby further increasing the resonance and projection of the flute.

    Celestine Flute Rexonator gives you a master performance by:


    • Universal Fits
    • More vibration
    • More projection
    • More resonance
    • Lively and quick responses
    • Choose from two or four basic tonal colors, dark & bright
    • Stabilizes your articulation. It is very hard to crack a note
    • You will never have to replace a cork stopper again
    • The performance and response will remain stable forever
    • The weight and the balance are adjustable for the perfect setup for you
    • Fits over the original assembly from your flute, replacing only the cork
    • Once the resonator is inside your flute, you never need to touch it again
    • It fits inside your flute. Only you know it is there

    Celestine Flute Rexonator is high quality products that will help flute players reach new highs when performing their instrument.  Celestine Flute Rexonator will provide pristine and clear notes that will delight the audience!

    Celestine Flute Rexonator has a universal design that fits inside all flutes. Only you know it is there. It is brass made so it is thoroughly durable and remains in the interior of your flute... It is the best handmade piece for flautists on the market.

    “Uncork your flute forever with new Celestine Flute Rexonator… put a heart in your flute and discover new magical freedom.”

    Don’t miss this opportunity to sound and play like you never have before!

  • Why we choose the Celestine for name of our brand.

    Properties of Celestine (Quartz)

    Celestine, also known as Celestine, is revered for its high frequency, Divine energies, and is known as a powerful healing crystal. Celestine has been called a “teacher for the New Age”, as it will connect one with the Angelic realms, allowing for the free-flow of these higher frequencies into the Crown and Third-Eye Chakras, and also down into the Throat Chakra for expression. Bringing mental calm and clarity in the midst of any chaotic circumstance, Celestine can allow one to easily flow through a traumatic period and still come out on top.

    Celestine can relieve stress, anxiety and obsessive behaviors.

    It is a perfect piece to carry for those who are singers, actors or speakers, as the energy will alleviate any type of stage fright or nervousness. Celestine brings harmony, balance, and will assist the holder in finding and maintaining inner peace. Its ability to heighten divine intuition makes Celestine especially useful for Reiki practice.

    A stone for peace and harmony, Celestine has the potential to bring these qualities into daily living. Celestine is a great facilitator for deep states of meditation, helping to calm the mind and open it to communication from the higher realms.

  • How easy it is to install the Celestine Flute Rexonator?