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Celestine Flute Rexonator "Base"

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Product Description

Celestine Flute Rexonator “Base”  

CFR-0B Included:

  • Celestine Rexonator Base (weight 16.3 g or .57 oz.)
  • 4 Silicon O-Ring
    • 2 browns for brighter colors
    • 2 black for darker colors


  • Improved New Brass Alloy
  • Universal Fits
  • More vibration
  • Improve projection
  • Enhance resonance
  • New technology that gives you more control and allows you to go beyond
  • Technical control of the vibrato is easier
  • Does not alter the original design of the manufacture, nor the appearance of your flute
  • The resonator is a permanent piece, once install there is no need to replaced it
  • Fits over the original screw assembly of your flute, replacing only the cork
  • No more annual cork replacement
  • It fits inside your flute. Only you know it is there
  • Improve playability having a wide range of dynamics
  • Lively and quick responses
  • Choose from two basic tonal colors, dark & bright with the O-Rings
  • Stabilizes your articulation.
  • Almost impossible to crack a note
  • The performance and response will remain stable forever
  • The counterweight improve stability on the flute.

Feel the beauty of its sound, the emotion of its rhythmic sense and the satisfaction of playing a phrase sung with the use of Celestine. Transform your flute to make it sound like a new expensive flute, without spending thousands on headjoint or expensive gold flute of famous brands. By eliminating the cork; you eliminate the drag of your flute.

To continue the use of cork in the 21st century is like having a gorgeous mansion with old used furniture.

It's time to uncork your flute and go beyond with new technology!

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