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Celestine Piccolo Rexonator Raw Brass - CPR-02-PRB NEW VERSION

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Product Description

The NEW Celestine Piccolo Rexonator - Raw Brass or CPR-02-RB As with the Celestine Flute Rexonator this new system is a permanent replacement for cork stopper, eliminating all the limitations of a cork stopper. The new standard-sized design has an improved brass alloy that will significantly highlight all Piccolo attributes. It is easy to install and adapts to the size of your Piccolo with a simple rotation. It also includes 4 tonal sound options to choose from the brightest to the darkest. You will no longer have to spend thousands of dollars to buy a new one to feel that you get to the next level. CPR-02-PRB will give you: • Greater projection • More resonance and vibration • The rapid response and the articulation will be immediate IN ALL REGISTERS • Also the articulation is more crisp and you'll feel free to express yourself. • Playing long phrase using less air and that will be wonderful • You will have a bigger, clear and stable sound • It will be almost impossible the break of some notes • Harmonic resonance will be more complete and will give you more life in music! You'll get more projection, tube vibration and a wider range of dynamics • By incorporating the O-ring according to your preference, you will have a unique tonal sound with a perfect combination of harmonics • You will feel free and safer to express what you want more comfortably. You have to try it, you will love it!