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José Valentino Ruiz

Title: Internationally acclaimed recording and performing artist, two-time Latin GRAMMY® nominated artist -producer - audio engineer
Country: Puerto Rico

"As a performing artist/music producer/clinician, it is important for me to have optimum versatility and flexibility on my instruments 100% of the time. Thankfully, with the new incredible design of the "flute resonator" by the renowned artisan, Roberto Feliciano Rolon, obtaining a rich full sound is virtually achieved from the moment I lay my lips on the flute. The stopper is a simple device that enhances the overall harmonic resonance of your instrument which allows your timbre and volume to become more present! As an accomplished flutist, I am firm believer that the majority of a musician's sound is a dependent based on a person's dedication to their sound. An excellent instrument will allow the musician to project his/her unique musical voice with ease. In my opinion, the “Rexonator" takes it one step further. It is a small device that is simple, yet, powerfully effective which ensures a deeper richness in tone and color the musician who desires optimal projection. I strongly recommend everyone to try the “Celestine Flute Rexonator!" You will absolutely love the new dimension it provides for your instrument."