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The Rhino Ligature – Nigel McGill

Created by: rfrolon
Date: 05/14/2018 @ 7:25:43 pm
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SAXOPHONE Life Magazine July 2015

As you might expect from the name, the Rhino ligature is a beast.

Designed and made in Puerto Rico by Dr. Music (Roberto Feliciano Rolon), the Rhino really simplifies the concept of a ligature to a device with just two contact points – one on the reed, the other on the top of the mouthpiece. These points are connected by a large brass ring which is adjusted with a sturdy thumb screw.

Everything about the Rhino is “Industrial strength” – chunky metal work and weighty construction. No delicate design work here.

However, the sound and response is something else.

Fitted to my Theo Wanne Ambika tenor mouthpiece I was amazed at the response from the reed over the whole range. The altissimo is particularly good with notes popping out effortlessly in comparison to other ligatures I’ve been using recently.

Although the Rhino looks clumsy and unrefined, I found my sound even warmer and rounder than normal – possibly down to the mass of the ligature? Either way, it really made a noticeable difference to me.

The Rhino is a hefty piece of kit though to carry around and does make your sax heavier. Also, because of the design, regular mouthpiece cap although I struggled to make it work for me.

However, those points aside, I think the Rhino is an awesome piece of kit. It does come in three sizes but the one I tested easily adjusted to fit hard rubber and metal pieces on my tenor, alto and bari.

If you’re looking for a ligature that will give you the best sound possible – and be indestructible, then the Rhino is for you!