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"I congratulate you once more for creating Celestine Flute Rexonator that changed the life of any flautist. The attack is precise and fast. Increase my volume and it is uniform in the registry. And allow me more flexibility to manage the notes in different octaves. If you can do this with me I'm (saxophonist / doubler) imagine as the flutist will feel. Thank you!!!"
Puerto Rico
Of all the ligatures I have tried during my past 15 years as a professional musician this I can say is the best specially playing the Altissimo register produces a clear and crisp sound. The lower register produces a more round and dark sound.
248 Army Band Lead Alto
"Hola que tal Roberto!!! Ya probé el Celestine Flute Rexonator con una Yamaha, me gusto mucho, es un gran cambio, ahora tengo una Muramatsu DS y quiero ponerle el Rexonator. Me interesa comprar uno de tus stopper para piccolo!! Tienes en existencia?? Cual es es precio de este stopper ya con envio, pero si se puede internacional!!! a Tijuana Mexico!!! El stopper para flauta me ha ayudado mucho y estoy contento con tu producto!! Espero ...
Roberto Feliciano is an experience instrument repair, and has developed a well balance ligature for woodwinds instrument. Personally, I’ve been use it on Tenor and Alto saxophone, the sound quality is a well balance for a professional sound. The Rhino ligature is easy to install in the mouthpiece and has gave me the perfect sound quality that I’ve been looking for a long time on my saxophones, Tenor Mark VI and Alto Yamaha 62. I strongly ...
Music Professor
The Celestine Flute Rexonator is such an impressive addition to my flute! There is much more fullness, resonance and response in every register and at every dynamic level. I am amazed at the subtle shadings of color I can achieve since installing the Celestine Flute Rexonator. The articulation is lively and it is almost impossible to crack a note. I am delighted with how much more balanced the flute feels in my hands. This makes ...
Performing artist, teacher and clinician, The Magic of Moyse, Dr. Cate’s Flute Tips blog
In 25+ years of professional playing I have tried and played with many saxophone ligatures. None has the response and playability of the RHINO ligature. Roberto Feliciano (Dr. Music) has done a great job coming up with a ligature that will give you tremendous comfort and flexibility in your playing plus ease producing the sound you want. Try the new RHINO ligature today!
Professional Woodwind Player
Saludos Roberto, la experiencia en el taller fue excelente. El trato y la cordialidad con que me recibiste, estuvo súper. Sobre el Celestine Flute Rexonators, ya sabes que me gustaron mucho. Es llevar lo que tenía en la flauta a otro nivel superior. Usaba otro stopper muy bueno, pero el tuyo es mejor todavía. El Celestine Flute Rexonator en el piccolo ha resultado fenomenal. Las notas salen más claras, especialmente las del registro bien agudo. El ...
Puerto Rico
"Saludos Roberto, tan pronto toque la flauta note mejor proyección. Las notas suenan más brillantes y sonoras. El tono es más consistente desde las notas más bajas hasta las notas más agudas. Felicidades y éxito!"
Puerto Rico
"As a performing artist/music producer/clinician, it is important for me to have optimum versatility and flexibility on my instruments 100% of the time. Thankfully, with the new incredible design of the "flute resonator" by the renowned artisan, Roberto Feliciano Rolon, obtaining a rich full sound is virtually achieved from the moment I lay my lips on the flute. The stopper is a simple device that enhances the overall harmonic resonance of your instrument which allows ...
Internationally acclaimed recording and performing artist, two-time Latin GRAMMY® nominated artist -producer - audio engineer
Puerto Rico